RCMB 2018 Fall Picnic

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RCMB 2018 Fall Picnic

Postby mBagley » Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:50 pm

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Re: RCMB 2018 Fall Picnic

Postby Jeff millman » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:05 am

Well,this would be my first post sine agreeing to take over the cooking duties for club meetings and club special events for the 2018 season.I am really looking forward to serving the club and hopefully preparing and serving some tasty grub for a bunch of hungry flyers ! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to those RCMB members who I have not yet had the opportunity and pleasure to meet.My name is Jeff Millman,I am a returning member of the RCMB club,after a looooooong absence from this great hobby of ours,I have arrived at a place in my life that will allow me to devote the time needed to really delve into this great hooby of ours......Can you say "empty nest" ? I found it difficult to raise a family,run a business and participate in our RC hobby.....as all of us know,this is a all consuming endeavor...planes....workspace...storage....expense...I had to make a difficult choice and found it nessesary to hang up the transmitter.I never dreamt it would take me almost 30 years to "come home" and RCMB has always been home for me.I had the opportunity to be of service to my club back then,I served as Jerry Stevens VP and was very involved in our "MARC show days" . I really don't know what else to say in this post except thank you.....to all the members who have been involved and stayed involved with this club.I am very,very grateful to all of you who stewarded this club and kept it so healthy while I was gone and to all of you who have so generously welcomed me back and made me feel so welcome......and have cared for.... arguably one of the finest RC flying facilities anywhere ( Thank you MARC show ! ).I am well aware of how being a member of any club worth joining.......comes with a responsibility to step up,get involved and to be willing to give freely of your time....to carry on as our predecessors have......so when the next "absent wayward member" like me returns....there is still a healthy club to welcome them back....this means we need to make ourselves available to serve the club,service can mean different things to different people,and ask anyone who serves.....15% of the membership....does 100% of the work for.....100% of the membership.....100% of the time....and the other 85% do all the complaining and bitching....when somethings not right...that's just the way it is ! It doesn't have to be that way for RCMB 2018....if you've never felt the joy and satisfaction of selfless service,then do yourself a favor......and do the club a favor....find something to do for the club....that makes the club's continued good health a reality....hey weve been at this since 1961 so somehow....find a way to get involved,make RCMB 2018 a better club because of your involvment.I hope to meet all of you who I have not yet met.We all can make 2018 great....together !!! Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
regards from...and in service
Jeff Millman
Jeff millman
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