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Bio - Bryan Wilhelm (new member)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:05 am
by mdflyer
John Bryan Wilhelm, Jr.
504 Warren Road
Cockeysville, MD 21030

my background and interests:

I'm looking forward to all the membership benefits...especially, the knowledge base and friendship.

I'm an oldie...newbie. Originally flew with RCMB back in the late 50's. Suburban airfield, Pierces, Baltimore Co. Home, Green Rd. Gap w/ club while in service. Returned to fly in 70's. Ended in mid 80's.
Will be heading to Jacksonville today to see the indoor folks do their thing.
Have considerable building (kit prototyping) experience...but 35 year gap in flying and building.
Flew once last week with Jack. Rusty, but without any incidents or major destruction.
Have gear and supplies coming in. Setting up my workshop.
Looking forward to getting in the air w/ my own a/p's scratch built.
Have simulator, now and getting stick time.
Ordered several flite-test foamies and one ARF... to get back in the air.
Will continue with club training program/certification.

Does anyone in RCMB have a lazer cutter? CAD?
Does the club or any member have a plans library?

Great fun.
Ahhhh... to be a kid again.

Looking for new friends, play-mates... mentors... call or emailing me:

Bryan Wilhelm