May 14th, Saturday 1-3 PM - Stricker Hall Parkton Md.


This rudimentary course in programming your "Spektrum 2.4 " type of transmitter is akin to fishing. You may be given a fish and have a good meal; (i.e. have someone program your transmitter for you) or, someone can give you a fishing rod, line, hook, and bait, and teach you how to fish so you can have a good meal anytime (i.e. you learn how to do your own transmitter programming).

If you are new to the DX7, DX8 transmitter or uncomfortable when trying to program a plane this training session has been designed with you in mind. Murray Zeligman will conduct a training session explaining in detail how to navigate the Spektrum DX7 and DX8 transmitter, beginning with setting up a new plane for the first time, the binding procedure, range testing, and proceeding on through sub trim, throttle reversal, travel adjust and programmable mixing.

If you plan to attend this session, please confirm to Leo Gallagher ASAP ( or 410-665-6423. If you do attend the class on the 30th, plan to have your Spektrum 2.4 transmitter with you on the 30th, fully charged ready to go for this session. There will be one plane in the class that will use as a demo model. This training session is designed so that you will be able to input the basics commands into your planes. Time constraints do not allow for all those attending bringing models to the class with the expectations of having them programmed.

A 7 page handout will be provided to each attendee that hopefully converts the Spektrum manual into a more comfortable format.