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FAA message for Models in DC area



To all model aircraft clubs with flying sites within 30 nautical miles of Washington, DC.

The attached message from the AMA and the FAA went out to the DC area clubs.  Model airplane flying within 30 nautical miles of DC is suspended indefinitely.  So far, we have not been affected as we lie outside that airspace but we’ll continue to monitor. 

On 25 November, the FAA issued Notice N JO 7110.891 that prohibits model aircraft operations in the DC Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) without specific authorization (see paragraph 8.c.(2)(i) of the FAA attachment).   

The AMA and the FAA are concerned that any model aircraft activity in the SFRA in violation of the Notice may impede the AMA-FAA negotiations, and delay the reopening of the fields in the SFRA.  See Links for more information.


Notice D4GRC_Stinchcomb.pdf


New Helicopter Operation Guide

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Congress protects aero modeling from burdensome federal regulations

M U N C I E – The U.S. House of Representatives today passed H.R. 658, the first full FAA Reauthorization Bill in more than four years. In passing the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 the House adopted a provision aimed at protecting model aviation from burdensome regulation.

Passage by the House is the first step in the final process of bringing this bill into law. The Senate will take up the bill on Monday with a final vote expected by the end of the day.

"AMA will continue to advocate for the rights of the modeling community, and we look forward to continuing our constructive dialogue with the FAA on safety matters." said Rich Hanson, AMA’s Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs representative. "We appreciate Sen. James Inhofe (R-Ok) for sponsoring the amendment and the leadership of the House and Senate committees for respecting the concerns of aeromodelers.."

Efforts in bringing awareness to Congressional representatives by AMA members have played a pivotal role in conveying the concerns of the aeromodeling community. AMA President Bob Brown expressed his per-sonal gratitude by saying, "I want to personally thank all of the members of the Academy who took the time to write Congress about this issue. Last year more than 90,000 letters were sent to Congress expressing concerns regarding proposed federal regulation that could potentially diminish existing model aircraft activity."

For additional information, and to stay current with this issue, please visit the Academy’s government relations website at www.modelaircraft.org/gov.

The Academy of Model Aeronautics, founded in 1936, represents 143,000 aeromodelers and 2,400 clubs throughout the United States. The AMA sanctions more than 2,000 events and competitions every year.



RCMB Emergency Info

RCMB - Emergency Maps

911 Emergency Calls – Charlie has been working with the Emergency Dispatcher office to determine
the best “location description” to use when calling 911 from the field and surrounding landfill.
In the past 800 Stablers Church Road would work but that address appears to be out of date and
900 Stablers Church Road is what MapQuest and Garmin are now using. However, because the County
still does not have GPS capability in ALL their emergency vehicles they still rely on an old system.
The Dispatcher has suggested we submit a selection of phrases that will be entered into the database.
We have submitted three possible phrases and when we get a confirmation they were accepted we will
post them on the field boards as well on the back of your 2012 membership card. Till them you
can use “RCMB Flying Field, Parkton” or if you are somewhere else on the property state what
direction you are relatively to the flying field cell.

First Aid Kits – Dr. Harvey Cohen has cleaned out the old kit and added missing items.
The kit is on the shelf above the PA system. A BACKUP kit has been mounted behind the pin
CLUBHOUSE KIT. If you think there should be items added to the clubhouse kit please e-mail Charlie
with a suggestion.

Emergency Clinic and Hospital Maps – Work in progress to place maps strategically to show location
for GBMC, York Hospitals, Patient First Clinic, and Express Care Clinic. One idea is to print the
4 maps onto an embossed page that can be borrowed for the trip, leaving them (several copies) in the
club house and posted on the pin board.

Recycling – A Recycling can has been placed next to the deck and “tied” to the railing so it will
not blow away. Use this for your soda cans and bottles as well as small cardboard and clean paper
trash. NO PIZZA BOXES – PLEASE! Be SURE to snap lock down the lid

"Airplanes of theWorld" Show Info

Updated Flying Field Rules: Please Read !!

Field Rules Overview Posted

RCMB Emergency Legislation

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